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I’m Back!

October 23, 2013

sleeping booty tileHey there Princesses, I’m alive! And hello there to all you readers of our little blog that helps us 20-somethings stay in touch! It feels like our audience has doubled in the last few weeks I’ve been off the grid and though we get little to no comments from you kids, I’m glad to see you’re reading anyway. And really, that is the beauty of blogs isn’t it? That we are writing whether or not anyone is reading. At the core of this I’m writing for myself, but by extension I get to keep in touch with three of my favorite friends and also maybe possibly make a connection or share a thought with someone else out there. Even if it’s only one of you. It is nice to imagine (and see!) that you’re there.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year and we haven’t properly addressed you folks yet, though I suppose I call you Kids sometimes, but I call everyone kid. I think it is high time we set a name for you guys (and gals. probably mostly gals). So if we’re Naughty Princesses then you can be our… Saucy Subjects? Flirty Followers? Raunchy Readers?

The thing is none of us Princesses are really that naughty and our blog is really more about being 20-something than some sort of Disney distortion. The naughty names are kind of an afterthought, a fun thing we did one time that has more to do with the bond the four of us share than the complicated connotations the words elicit. The only reason we even used them in the first place was to make sure we could keep this space safe from judgement and filters. If I thought my mother could find this I wouldn’t have written half the things I did, if Snow or Cindy’s husband was reading this, I wonder how much less honest they’d have been about their relationships. This is a unique space to voice our 20-something thoughts to a few people we trust and a few strangers we hope to share some connection with. What do we call people that we’d love to find common ground with but also hope to keep our identities secret from?

I’m glad we’ve kept this blog from the other people we love, but now that we’re hitting the one year mark I’m definitely starting to feel the cost that brings. I’m proud of many of the posts we’ve written and it is difficult not to share them, difficult not to tell the people in my life what I spend much of my time on. Is it possible to keep this going in the same way it’s been? What would it mean to open this up to people we love, to people we know? Is that the only way to really continue this blog long term?

I’m mostly good for now, and to be honest I recently started a less anonymous blog of my own that I’m sure will help curb my desires to share this blogging part of my life with people besides my Princess loves and you 20-Something Conditioners. TSCers. Condition Readers. Ah this name things is hard!

So don’t worry, nothing is changing yet, but time goes quickly and as much as we’d like them to, things can’t stay the same. Just look how much I missed in the 21 days I was gone. Cindy got two new jobs, Snow’s hubby moved across the nation for a new career and Red over there is kicking British Airways’ booty (If you’d been in the USA I’m sure you would have fixed the government shutdown much sooner). My life is in overdrive as well; we’ll see if I even manage a post to tell you guys about my trip down the Grand Canyon (yeah right, of course I’ll make time to tell you kids).

Things are changing fast, and I want to take a second to appreciate that this blog exists and to share how incredibly happy I am to be a part of it. Thanks for reading Friends (Conditioners, Super Strangers, Magnificent Members(dirty!), Party People?), I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. October 24, 2013 8:06 am

    So glad you’re back, buddy. The blog missed you, and so did we!

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