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For S.B., Wherever We may Find Her

March 4, 2014

As many of you know, Sleeping Booty is currently on a European adventure. Now of course she is having a lot of fun, but recently she admitted to the fellow princesses that she was missing quality girl time. She expressed the need for some female empowerment. Now, I’m sure all of you know what that term means generally, but for the princesses it has a very specific meaning. In college we were known for our quarterly “Female Empowerment Nights.” These were girl only parties that we hosted with the sole purpose of empowering. We made kickass music videos, did crazy competitions, made awesome artwork, skinny dipped, and even burned our bras.

Now, obviously, I cannot blink and be across the ocean to engage in empowering activities with Sleeping Booty. But what I can do is send all my love and empowering thoughts over the mighty internet to you tonight. So Sleeping Booty, here is a playlist to make you fierce.

1. To remind you that it’s always Ho’s Before Bro’s, I give you the Spice Girls:

2. And of course, you must remember the good times. So here’s the song we made our first empowering video to:

3. Because you are The Wind Beneath my Wings, and Because Beaches is the most ridiculous chick flick ever made!

4. Remember that its ok to need Wide Open Spaces, that’s why you took this trip in the first place:

5. Don’t fall for no ‘Scrubs’, because you know how much you’re really worth:

6. And finally, switch the man in this song with me and know that any of us princesses would walk 500 miles just to be with you when you needed us.

We love you and don’t you ever forget it! You are never alone!

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  1. March 5, 2014 8:51 am

    there is so much to like here I can’t even start. Thanks Snow, I really needed that. So much so I may have teared up a bit. I don’t know how people survive without friends.


  1. Thanks for existing | Twenty Something Condition

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