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COTM – July – Poetry of Summer

July 6, 2014


Hey!  So it’s that time of the month again! Our favorite time, the Condition of the Month!  Well this month the princesses were given the task of all writing a piece of poetry for the blog.  This was supposed to be about the season of their life right now, or any experiences they have had recently.  As expected– we all did an awesome job– with the added bonus that we chose different poetic forms to follow.  Variation is the spice of life, right?  If you’re brave, please add your own poem in the comments, we would love to hear them!


cinderslut tile (2)


Summer in Saudi, a Sonnet by Cinderslut

This marks my third summer spent twiddling my thumbs as the temperature rises and all my friends leave on vacations. In some ways it’s great to have all this free time, but I’m also really looking forward to the school year and starting my new job. It’s been a hot, sweaty, uneventful month here in the desert, and I can’t wait to spend a few weeks back in the Northwest with family and friends. That’s my kind of summer.


Summer is now here, every teacher’s dream

No students, homework, or master’s degree

Ample time for things like making ice cream

For the first time in months, I can be free,


Kind of. It’s not all a day at the beach

Sidewalks hot enough to fry an egg on

We’ve got cheap gas, but we don’t have free speech

No eating in public—it’s Ramadan.


I start thinking about a new school year

Back to school shopping just fills me with glee!

I like the break, but I love my career

I’m starting to miss my students, you see.


So bring on the fall, and my new battle

Until then, fly me back to Seattle!


snowwhore tile


Three Haikus of Summer by Snow Whore




Busy all the time
Summertime should be free time
Time to be a kid. 
How to keep going?
Sometimes I just want to run.
Yearning for a change.
Grab joy where you can
You don’t need money for fun
Just stop worrying


little merskank tileTwo Summertime Limericks by the Little Merskank

This summer officially marks the end of my second year of my PhD.  This means that by now it should theoretically be more than half way done– so, one could say that the honeymoon is over.  In celebration (and fear) of this moment, I have written two limericks.  




Meeting with my supervisor over a coffee
talking about life, munching a toffee
He asks me when I’ll submit
that I don’t know I won’t I admit
So instead I respond my drink is too frothy
A PhD  is never having done enough
summer’s the time when life gets tough
The year is drawing to a close
Pulling some work out by the nose
Hoping its sound but worried its fluff


sleeping booty tile


Summer Snowball Poem By Sleeping Booty

Since I’m a math enthusiast who seriously loves snow, I’ve chosen the French mathematician’s OULIPO Snowball technique for my poetry style. Every word is at least a letter longer than the one before it on each line.

I am back.
After months adventuring
Home seems unchanged.
Me too?
Time passed swiftly traveling.
Few quiet moments,
Not much future thought.
Why plan anyway?
Life always changes.
I could easily postpone decisions.
I love living seasonally.
And with endless opportunities,
How does every person determine?
I so fear choosing unsuitably.
But life often changes, obviously.
My path surely remains adjustable.
I can choose something,
And then tomorrow reevaluate.


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