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the tale of Lady Mareena & her Torrid Troubles

October 20, 2012

I thought I should write a blog post on the confused mess that is my love life (or, perhaps more accurately, my “love area”, that is, the place where a love life would exist if I actually had one).   However, when I set about pursuing this goal, I realized that everything I wrote just came out ridiculously pathetic.  So, I decided to spare you all (and myself) by presenting it in a more entertaining, fictionalized form:  as a romance novel.  Take from it what you will—names, places, and events have all been changed to protect the (albeit small) dignity of those involved.


Chapter One

Lady Mareena lay strewn across the coverlets of her canopied bed—tears trickled down her rich auburn tresses.  The world is so unfair, she thought wretchedly.  Today, like every other day, and had served to remind her of that fact.  Why couldn’t everything simply go as she wished? 

She thought back to her breakfast that morning with Duke Humphrey, how they had sat there at that rich table adorned with every delicacy.   They chatted whilst drinking tea and eating scones with cream and figs.  He had shared with her the newest intrigues of his life—the problems of the people he had ruled, his new interest in learning Greek.  She had sat and listened, every so often catching sight of his eyes resting on her adoringly.  After breakfast he had suggested they stroll in the castle’s gardens.  She had assented, but only with regret—in her heart she there was little she would have desired less than to walk amiably in the garden with the duke.

Mareena, sighed.  What was wrong with her?  Why was she not tempted by the tall, dashing Duke Humphrey who professed to love her?  He was interesting and kind to her—and no, doubt, wealthy beyond her dreams.  Yet when she was with him she just longed to be somewhere else.  She had already begun to plan how to most kindly reject his proposal when it came.  She thought perhaps she would use the same words she had used when she sent Prince John on his way—or perhaps those she had used when it was Sam, the serving boy, who had sought her love.  The thought of it all was so depressing— she had taken these men’s love and trampled in on the ground, and why?  She didn’t know.

She sighed—no she must not lie to herself—she did know.  Lady Mareena sat up smoothing the folds of her velvet gown.   She loved the one man who seemed immune to her charms, Herman the castle’s physician.

She stood up, walking to the long mirror that hung in her chamber.  Gazing at the image before her she thought,  Oh Herman, how can you not love me?  Yet, unlike the other men in her life Herman seemed unmoved by her large green eyes and rose-leaf complexion.  Alas!  He claimed to admire her mind, but nothing more.

Her mind reached back to the evenings they had spent together, pouring over the pictures in herbals and talking about their dreams.  Slowly, the cold heart inside Meerena’s breast had begun to soften, and she had let in this strange man.  He was neither as rich nor as handsome as the Duke—but he was the man for her!  Soon they would ride off into the sunset and begin a new life together, one riddled with books and conversation.  Yet alas for sweet dreams ill-conceived!   For she waited and waited but the ride never came.  She began to wonder: when would they begin their new life?

Finally, plucking her courage, she had asked him imploringly—‘Herman, don’t you love me?’   What had he responded?  She hated to remember.  For he had said, ‘Why Lady Mareena, do you not know—I have undertaken a deep and solemn vow not to give away my heart.  Truly, I think I may soon after this find my place in a monastery.’

Oh cruel world, if you could know the agonies Lady Mareena had suffered that day!  Even now, months later, a black mark remained on her heart in the place where Herman’s love should have been.  How could she ever love the Duke, or another deserving man, when her heart was grieving like this?   Yet everyday, when she saw Herman, it was as though a new cut was made in her heart.  She knew that to be safe and whole again she must banish him—he could find work elsewhere, and surely they could find a new physcian with ease.  But, oh, somehow she hadn’t the strength to do it!  Instead, she went on, day by day, as though all were all right but carrying inside her a heavy-heart.

What will Lady Mareena do?  Will she send Herman away, or will she wait, pathetically,  for him to give up his fool-hardy plans?  And what will she say to Duke Humphrey?  Will she break his heart?  All these questions and more will be answered in chapter two of Lady Mareena & Her Torrid Troubles .

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