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Thanks for existing

March 21, 2014

sleeping booty tileHello! It feels like forever since I last posted, funny how that seems to be the theme we’ve got going lately, all of us princesses sort of putting this old blog on the back burner while real life takes all our attention. We’ve been at this blogging thing over 18 months now, can you blame us for falling a bit behind? After all, this started as an experiment anyway, really it is surprising that it has lasted this long at all.

But then I think again and remember how much I love this place, that it exists in addition to ‘real’ life. How important it is to the specific friendships I have with my fellow princesses and how cool it is to feel part of a 20-something collective, all of us in it together as we struggle to figure out where we go next.

The last few weeks I’ve been traveling, staying in hostels and hotels, with friends and strangers, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about our little blog and been proud it exists, glad that if I ever need it’s here to support me and support others. Snow’s post helped me more than I can say and Cindy’s struggles with SAD make my struggles with tiredness seem more normal. Even reading about Merskank’s old english work helps me feel closer to her and simultaneously sad and glad I’m not a student anymore.

This blog, and so many others, are places we can go to supplement our reality. As much work as it is to maintain, there hasn’t been a moment I’ve thought it wasn’t worth it. So there you have it, my post for now. All I really want to say is I’m so glad you exist.

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